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Types of Kratom

red vein kratom

Red Vein Kratom

→ Pain Relief
→ Sedative
→ Relaxing
→ Opiate Withdrawal
→ Stress Relief

Green Vein Kratom

→ Stimulating
→ Energy
→ Euphoria
→ Mood Enhancing
→ Relaxing

white vein kratom

White Vein Kratom

→ Stimulating
→ Energizing
→ Mood Enhancing
→ Relaxing
→ Detox

yellow vein kratom

Yellow Vein Kratom

→ Help Insomnia
→ Mellow
→ Minor Pain Relief
→ Relaxing

gold bali kratom

Gold Kratom

Effects from Gold kratom depend on the color of Vein used. Red Vein Gold is known to have potent sedating properties.

red-mgda kratom

Maeng Da Kratom

Effects vary by Vein color. Maeng Da is known to have properties to help with (legal and illegal) opiate withdrawals.

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kratom legal in washington dc legality 2020

Is Kratom legal to buy in Washington DC? Kratom comes from a tree that you will find in various locations throughout the world including Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, and Papua New Guinea. The leaves of this tree for centuries have been used as a medicine but the leaves have also been used as a recreational drug. For this reason, there are many states in the United States that have not allowed this product to be purchased or used legally.


Currently, Kratom is totally legal to buy in the Washington DC area. In 2016, the alkaloids in Kratom were placed on a controlled substance list. This effectively made Kratom illegal to buy in Washington D.C. But, in 2018 these alkaloids were removed from the controlled substance list. Thus, making Kratom legal again to buy in Washington DC.


There are many doctors who believe that there are particular substances in kratom that will attach themselves to a person’s nerve cells in the exact same way as you would see with any of the opioid painkillers. This attachment will produce a very similar effect as an opioid would. Unfortunately, there has not been a lot of extensive studies on why this happens and how it works.

There are also many doctors who claim that kratom leaves are very addictive and have serious side effects. Kratom leaves are consumed in a variety of ways including brewing into a tea, chewing, or used in cooking. You will also find the product being crushed and smoked, like marijuana or tobacco, or ground up and used in pills.

The product has different effects on people and a lot will depend on the dosage used. It basically acts as a stimulant that will provide you with increased energy. If a person uses a high dosage, kratom leaves can put you into a sleepy or dreamlike state.

Obviously, kratom usage has concerns for any U.S. buyer because of the legality of purchasing the product in the state in which they reside. Each state has its own specific laws that will either make the product legal or illegal., Also, there may be occasions when updates or bans appear out of nowhere. This makes it very difficult to locate reliable and credible information on whether kratom leaves are legal in a particular state.


You now know that Kratom is legal to buy in the Washington DC area.

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kratom legal in wyoming legality 2020

Is Kratom legal to purchase in Wyoming? Many Americans have asked if buying Kratom is legal in their state. Kratom laws are changing all the time, so users need to protect themselves by staying up to date with the latest in Kratom legality.


It’s perfectly legal to have kratom in Wyoming and to use it there. However, kratom is not legal in all states so you have to be careful when you travel. Here is some more information on why kratom is illegal in some places and why it’s not banned in others.

At one point, the DEA was going to schedule kratom and make it totally illegal in the USA. However, people banded together and let the DEA know that they did not want this to happen. In a place like the USA, if you get enough people together to fight for a cause, that fight can be won if it is taken seriously. People really didn’t want kratom to get banned because they knew it was an all natural alternative to more damaging drugs and that it was helping people all around the country with things like pain issues.


There are some states where kratom is not legal so be sure you look into where you’re traveling before you take kratom with you on a trip. You can generally find out where it’s legal if you look at a search engine. Just search for where is kratom illegal to see up to date results that let you know where you can bring it and where it’s not legal to have. Since different states have different laws go into effect all the time, it’s easier to just search for where it’s legal before traveling than trusting information that may be outdated.

If you don’t want kratom to be made illegal in Wyoming because you live there and use kratom, make sure you write to your state’s representatives and let them know how it helps you. Just be sure that you don’t use language like “drug” or “high” in your representation of the plant because you don’t want to make politicians think it’s just another popular legal high like spice or K2 were before they got banned. Kratom is more or less a relative of the coffee plant and is not dangerous like most of the past legal chemicals sold in places like head shops.


You now know more about kratom and why it’s not illegal in Wyoming. Kratom is a plant that a lot of people love to use on a regular basis because it’s a lot safer than the alternatives. For instance, it’s safer for you to take than it would be to take a prescription pain medication on a regular basis.

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Interesting Facts About OPMS Kratom Gold: Origin and Effects


Organically Purified Mitragyna Speciosa (OPMS) is an organically purified form of mitragyna speciosa. It is a specific brand available in the form of extract pills and distillates. Among the various forms of kratom, OPMS is known to be the best and is considered to be a top-selling variety.

It is a clean product and uses a unique extraction method. Therefore, it is strong, potent, and highly concentrated. However, there have been speculations regarding the authenticity of the product.

Understanding the Nature of Organically Purified Mitragyna Speciosa

Without a doubt, OPMS belongs to the kratom family. This means that it is not harmful to one’s health, given the common benefits the kratom can give. The only problem is the unique value of the product because such has undergone a series of biological enhancements.

A lot of people think that ‘organically purified’ associated with the name is nothing but another promotional strategy for the product. The truth is, many people use OPMS kratom gold for either recreational or medical purposes. Whatever the purpose is, it is no longer a secret that this item works and is purchased considerably in the market. The product is very popular among users of kratom.

OPMS Gold: Know Its Forms, Benefits and Effects

The most popular brand of kratom is the Organically Purified Mitragyna Speciosa Gold. The extract is considered as the strongest brand because it has an exclusive extraction method of alkaloids. It comes in two forms, capsule and liquid forms.

The gold liquid is a potent product because it is concentrated with kratom and is sold as shots. The product are sold as an 8.8 ml bottle. They could purchase a box that contains approximately 45 bottles of concentrated kratom.

#1 OPMS Gold Liquid: This form of kratom is considered to be the bestselling form of kratom product online. Some consumers buy the product because it is very strong and potent.

If you take the product in large doses, you should consider buying it in bulk. It will save you a lot of money. It is not harmful at all, provided you are following the right dosage and use.

#2 The OPMS Gold Capsule: When it comes to choosing between a capsule and liquid, a lot of people prefer a capsule for a wide range of reasons. First, the capsule is portable and can be stored anywhere. Second, the capsule works well for people who do not want to taste kratom.

The capsule has a purple leaf color that serves as its emblem. Each capsule is powerful, so you need to be careful about your intake of the product. It is important to start with small dosages, especially if you are a beginner, and the recommended dosage is one gram or two capsules.

You may increase the dose only when you already know what desired effects that you want to experience. However, each individual is different so take the product according to your personal needs and consumption. Keep in mind that less is always better because keen observation is a must in the beginning. In other words, taking a large dose of kratom gold will allow you to experience moderate effects.

Benefits You Will Get From OPMS Gold

There are many benefits associated with OPMS, including the ability to boost the user’s mental cognition. It enhances sedation and also helps in boosting energy depending on the amount you take. Even though there is substantial proof given on the natural ingredients of OPMS gold kratom, it is best for the consumers to limit its use first.

The only reason for the popularity of OPMS Gold Kratom is because it is beneficial for the consumer’s health, whether or not you are taking it for medicinal or recreational purposes. You should always take it within limits, based on the recommended dosage by the manufacturers or sellers. However, it would be a smart idea if government authorities or any government agency will regulate the use of this kratom.

Kratom strain, being agriculturally and innovatively engineered, gives you many benefits. All you need to do is to follow the recommended dosage and direction for use and buy from legit kratom suppliers, both online and local stores.

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Kratom Dosage: A Complete Guide for Beginners


Kratom has been used for decades in Southeast Asian countries. Due to its incredible effects, it has started to gain popularity throughout Europe and the Americas. Being a naturally dose-sensitive herb, you should understand the various guidelines before using kratom because each dosage has different effects.

Many new users who are not familiar with the right kratom dosage to use have been turned off forever. Of course, this is not fair to kratom because the herb is immensely useful if used properly. Kratom is used as a pain reliever, stimulant, and herbal remedy for various conditions.

If you are a new user, searching for the right dosage can be challenging but important. If your dosage is too low, it can be ineffective, but if your dosage is too high, it may cause side effects. In some cases, a high dose can be ineffective if it is not the effect you are looking for.

Understanding the Principles of Correct Kratom Dosage

When consuming any substance, using the correct dosage is crucial, and this is even important in kratom as the effects vary on the dosage. Factors that affect the use of kratom are the tolerance level, body mass, or intake method of an individual.

There are many kratom strains and forms available to choose from. Whether or not you prefer an enhanced product, extract, or regular kratom, the correct kratom dosage really depends on your desired effects. Generally, a small or moderate dose is recommended if you are a beginner, but you are obliged to assess or examine your body while you are taking it.

Later on, you will be able to understand how well your body reacts and be able to determine how much you should take. It is recommended to take in a moderate amount, then gradually increase the dose according to the effects that you are experiencing, provided it is within the reasonable range.

How Much Kratom Strain Should You Take?

Being dose-sensitive, you should know the different criteria of strength and these are a threshold, mild, moderate, strong, and very strong. If your strength is a threshold, the dosage will be from 1 to 3 grams, and the effect will be subtle. If you prefer mild strength, your dosage should be 2 to 4 grams, and the result will be stimulant-like.

If you want a moderate strength, you should consume at least 3 to 6 grams, and the effects will be stimulant-like to sedative-like. If you are an occasional user, you can have a stronger strength at 6 to 10 grams, and the effects will be euphoric or sedative. If you are an advanced or experienced user, experts recommend 8 to 15 grams and expect that effects will be euphoric or sedative.

Kratom Dosage: Tips for Taking Effectively and Safely

#1 Start Small: While two people can possibly experience the same thing, there are instances where one’s experience is not the same as the other. Factors such as blood viscosity, body mass index, brain composition, and genetic formalities differ. Therefore, start taking kratom at low doses and begin raising it until you get the desired effect.

#2 Do Not Overdo It: When used properly, kratom can be helpful. Abruptly taking high doses is unsafe. According to experts, your body should get used to the dose before increasing the amount. You should also take note of the duration and frequency of usage.

#3 Drink More Than Eight Glasses of Water: Belonging to the coffee family, you will possibly experience dehydration with kratom. Therefore, you should drink plenty of water before using kratom. You will be nauseated if you fail to do so.

#4 Understand Your Body Mechanism: You should be in tune with your body reaction to kratom. There are great effects with regard to taking kratom on an empty stomach compared to taking it after dinner. The same goes for drinking tea compared to capsules.

#5 Be Versatile: Each strain will produce a different effect by varying the quantity. When experimenting with new strains, remember to be flexible and cautious.

Finding the correct dosage may take some time. Do not be in a rush because every single individual is different. Taking more time in finding the right dosage is beneficial for your health and life in general.