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    Best Kratom for Anxiety and Depression: Types, Strains, Effects

    According to the ADAA, anxiety, and depression are some of the most common mental afflictions in the United States: nearly 40 million adults suffer from anxious episodes every year. However, mental health care is expensive, and some medications can have serious side effects.

    Therefore, many Americans are turning to kratom for pain and anxiety. Depending on the strains, some users have reported a significant improvement. So, what is the best kratom for depression and anxiety?

    Best Kratom Strains for Anxiety and Depression

    Kratom may have different reported effects depending on the strain and color. Here are some of the strains that some users consider to be the best kratom for pain and depression.

    Green Malay Kratom

    Many users consider Green Malay kratom to be one of the best kratom strains for depression. Its reported effects are highly potent and last longer than other strains – up to six to eight hours after ingestion in some cases. It is considered to be one of the strongest strains of kratom available, so beginner users trying kratom for mood-lifting for the first time should start with a smaller dosage to see how their body reacts.

    Green Malay kratom may help users feel a burst of energy that could help them kick start their day during a depressive episode, followed by a long-lasting euphoric feeling. Here are some of Green Malay kratom’s reported effects:

    • Mood improvement
    • Overall sense of calmness
    • Strong level of pain relief, especially muscular tensions linked to anxiety
    • Strong burst of positive energy

    Red Thai Kratom

    Thai kratom, in general, is considered to be one of the best kratom strains for anxiety thanks to its reported ability, according to some frequent users, to make the consumers feel like they are floating: their bodies feel lighter, and it helps them put their problem aside. This supposed effect is enough to make anyone feel better.

    Red Thai kratom, in particular, may have additional benefits by helping users fight off depression. It may give the consumer a feeling of euphoria in higher dosages. Here are some of Red Thai kratom’s reported effects:

    • General sense of peace and well-being
    • Potent anti-anxiety and anti-depression
    • Euphoric feeling that the user is floating
    • May help fight off insomnia

    Maeng Da Kratom

    best kratom for depression and anxiety

    If you ask some frequent kratom users which kratom is best for anxiety, many will reply that Maeng Da is possibly the best kratom for anxiety and pain relief. This highly potent strain is exceptionally high in alkaloids and has a wide range of effects depending on the vein color.

    According to users, it provides a consistent stream of energy rather than an initial boost, appreciated by individuals suffering from depression. White Maeng Da kratom acts as a social lubricant and may help users with anxious tendencies in social settings. Red Maeng Da kratom and green Maeng Da kratom may have an analgesic effect that could benefit individuals with insomnia because of stress or anxiety. Here are some of Maeng Da kratom’s reported effects:

    • Anxiety relief
    • Stress reduction
    • Sedative
    • Muscle relaxant and analgesic

    Red Bali Kratom

    When it comes to which kratom strain is best for depression and anxiety, Red Bali kratom has its supporters. Red Bali kratom contains high levels of mitragynine which reacts with opioid receptors in the brain and may help users feel more relaxed. It may help stabilize mood swings that are a common affliction among those who suffer from anxiety and depression. According to users, it can also act as an analgesic if the users suffer from pain due to muscle tension.

    Unlike other kratom strains, which provide a substantial boost at the beginning and whose effects dwindle over time, Red Bali kratom has a gradual release. Here are some of Red Bali kratom’s reported effects:

    • Gradual sense of relaxation
    • Mood stabilizer
    • General sense of well-being
    • May help fight off insomnia

    How Does Kratom Work for Anxiety?

    If you are wondering, “is kratom good for anxiety?” you are probably curious about how kratom’s components may affect the user’s body. Before anything else, it is essential to note that anxiety often results from psychological and external factors.

    Although the appropriate dosage and strain of kratom may relieve some users of some of their anxiety symptoms, it is recommended to explore alternative venues as well, such as meditating, practicing yoga, exercising regularly, and ensuring that you get the proper amount of sleep.

    However, how does kratom help with anxiety? Kratom leaves contain high levels of alkaloids that interact with the users’ brain receptors and may help them feel more relaxed and encourage them to let go of stress factors. Some of these chemical compounds include:

    • Mitragynine
    • 7-hydroxymitragynine
    • 9-hydro corynantheidine
    • Mitraphylline
    • Speciogynine

    Some of the kratom strains we discussed above may also help consumers with pain and insomnia, two factors that may trigger anxiety. They may help them regain focus and alleviate mood swings that can make it more stressful to interact in a social setting or tackle specific tasks that can be anxiety-inducing – a presentation at work or school, for example.

    How Does Kratom Work for Depression?

    kratom for pain and anxiety

    “How well does kratom work for depression?” is a common question among individuals who suffer from depressive episodes and are curious to explore alternative forms of medications. Like any other option, the reaction may depend widely depending on the user, the dosage, the strain, and so on. In addition, depression may be the result of serious underlying issues that can only be treated through therapy or rehab (if applicable.)

    Depression can be a severe affliction, so seek counsel from your doctor before trying new measures. Although using kratom for depression can help with symptoms and make life more comfortable for those who suffer from it, it will not treat it to the source, and its effects remain temporary. However, its reported effects include boosts of energy – which can make it easier for those affected by depression to go through their day – and mood improvement. Here are some of the reported benefits of kratom for anxiety:

    • Mood stabilization and improvement
    • Energy boost
    • Sense of calm and well-being
    • Improved socialization

    How Does Kratom Work for Harm Reduction?

    Legal and illegal substance abuse is a relatively common side-effect among individuals who suffer from anxiety and depression. However, users may find an alternative by using kratom for mood lifting and pain relief instead of illicit opiates like heroin or fentanyl, addictive antidepressants, stimulants, and opioid painkillers.

    In some individuals, the correct strain and dosage of kratom may produce similar relieving effects without the social and physical stigma associated with strong licit and illicit drugs. In some cases, using kratom as an alternative may help the users win their battle against addiction.

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    Best Kratom for pain

    kratom dosage for pain relief

    Pain is one of the serious problems faced by millions of people every day. The cause could be an injury or an illness, but the pain always takes the better of people, stopping them from leading normal, active lives. So, as a herbal alternative to harmful and expensive painkillers, Kratom is used to help many individuals with their pain. Coming from Southeast Asia, this natural supplement can help relieve chronic pain and emotional distress. 

    In this review, you will learn some of the best kratom options for pain in the market that are not just safe but very effective for your pain, energy, and mood.

    Best Kratom Strains for Pain

    #1. Maeng Da Kratom

    Maeng Da is known to be one of the most effective kratoms in managing any pain. Given that it contains a high dosage of flavonoids and alkaloids when compared to other kratom strains. The Maeng Da Kratom comes as dark green leaves from the mature trees in Southeast Asia. Rendering a strong, pleasant smell, these leaves turn to a bright green shade when ground into a powder.

    It contains a high concentration of Mitragynine and 7-hydroxy mitragynine. These are the alkaloids in Maeng Da, the combination of which makes it the most effective and powerful of all the varieties. Maeng Da stimulates rather than sedating allowing you the option of consuming it even during the daytime.

    Benefits of Maeng Da Kratom

    • Pain Management

    Due to the presence of a high dose of alkaloids, it is great in relieving pain from muscle soreness, any chronic pain or exhaustion. In spite of having alkaloids similar to morphine that is known to curb all types of pain, it does not bring with the adverse effects of unconsciousness or nausea.

    • Energy Boost

    Alkaloids present in the Maeng Da Kratom help maintain an active level of energy and sharp focus without inducing the severe side effects of caffeine i.e., insomnia, anxiety, or stomach issues.

    • Improved Mood

    Being a natural stimulant, it acts as an antidepressant. It is known to revive mood and reduce emotional distress. So, a better mood and perspective can help increase your productivity and efficiency.

    • Good Sleep 

    Taking a slightly higher dose of the Maeng Da Kratom can help with sleeping if you’re experiencing insomnia. It acts as a sedative when taken at a higher dose and can minimize the effect of stress in your brain and improve your night sleep for the better.

    • Anxiety Relief

    Maeng Da is known to show great relief from anxiety. It helps calm the nerves and ease the worry and stress to keep concentrating on the present moment.

    • Manages Opiate Withdrawal

    To control withdrawal symptoms from opiates Maeng Da is absolutely perfect. With their alike properties, it can smoothen the withdrawal process for a recovering addict by dominating their body aches and fever with soothing effects of the kratom strain.

    • Reduces Arthritis 

    The mitragynine and 7-hydroxy mitragynine combination in Maeng Da blocks the pain receptors and significantly lessens the pain you feel. Its quick pain-relieving effects can also help with severe joint pains and works well for inflammations too.

       #2. Red Vein Bali Kratom

    This popular kratom grown mostly in southeast Asia, in places such as Thailand and Bali have 25 kratom alkaloids in it. This variety of kratom with its high alkaloid makes it the best option for managing chronic pains. Red Vein Bali’s scent is particularly soothing and is known to have calming effects on its users.  It has dark green leaves that have a red vein going through them, which is where its name comes from. Red Bali is considered as one of the most authentic from the kratom variety.

    Benefits of Red Vein Bali Kratom

    • Chronic Pain Killer 

    The high amounts of alkaloids in Red Vein Bali makes it highly analgesic. Different kinds of pain can be managed easily with these supplements, but Red Bali is most apt for severe pains. It acts as any strong painkiller but without the adverse side effects.

    • Relaxing 

    With its opioid-like properties, it is very effective in lowering your anxiety levels and focusing on everyday life. You can feel its effects almost instantly without the usual side effects.

    • Increased Energy

    Alkaloid that’s contained in high dosage in Red Vein Bali, is a component usually found in coffee and energy drinks. It helps you stay alert and active, but this strain does that without causing other symptoms such as nervousness, acidity, etc.

    • Antidepressant

    With your energy levels on the rise and less stress, this kratom strain makes you be in the bright spirit and light mood. It can allow you to go back to your daily life with a positive outlook and confidence.

    • Non-Addicting

    The risk of dependency on Red Vein Bali is nil. For someone struggling to get off opiates or alcohol, this Kratom can help manage the withdrawal symptoms.

    • Improved Sexual Performance

    In addition to all the other benefits, Red Bali also improves sexual performance as it boosts energy and uplifts mood.

    #3. Red Borneo Kratom

    Considered to be one of the classic varieties of kratom, the Red Borneo kratom also comes from southeast Asia. It is traditionally ground to a fine consistency which is dark green in shade and gives a pleasant, earthy scent that is relaxing.

    Although the Red Borneo strain is a bit more powerful than the Red Bali, it has shown effects similar to that of Red Bali Kratom. It has great palliative properties. Though a sedative, it has very light effects and is perfect for relieving mild pain.

    This kind of kratom has concentrated alkaloids that offer lasting relief from pain. Red Borneo is known as a soothing agent. So, it is advised to use as recommended or there could be effects of severe drowsiness. If you are new to kratom, this strain is good, to begin with, due to its relatively mild action.

    Benefits of Red Borneo Kratom

    • Mild Pain Relief

    For acute pains, Red Borneo Kratom is an apt mild pain reliever. It acts slow and is perfect for long term use. However, you can get a sedative effect and ease chronic pain with a higher dose of the kratom without causing nausea or dizziness.

    • Calming Effects

    Red Borneo has calming effects on your nerves. It can manage your anxiety, ease your stress, and help you lead a calmer life. Its soothing scent relaxes you just as you consume it making it a great choice for anxiety issues.

    • Euphoric Effects

    This kratom strain can help you feel happier and lighter as you go through your days. It has excellent mood-boosting properties that can keep you from feeling depressed and improve your perspective towards everything.

    • Sharpened Focus

    To function as a highly productive individual, you need to have a sharp focus. Red Borneo helps with building your ability to process matter faster and have an improved focus to perform your best work cognitively.

    • Improved Energy

    Red Borneo’s effects include improved energy levels due to its alkaloid components. However, it is advised to not consume high doses of the kratom at prolonged periods to avoid nausea which is a usual side-effect of taking higher doses.

    How to Decide Which Kratom is More Suitable for You?

    Deciding which Kratom to choose depends on certain factors that need to be taken into consideration before going ahead. With a difference in the structure of all our bodies, it is important to decide the Kratom most suitable to you keeping in mind the following factors:

    • Weight and height of your body
    • Emotional capacity
    • Physical health condition
    • Metabolism rate- Slow or Fast
    • Active or sedentary lifestyle
    • Eating habits
    • Pain management type
    • Quality of Kratom

    It is strongly advised to consult a physician before taking such kratom if you have any medical condition.

    In Conclusion: Which Kratom Strain is Best for Pain?

    Maeng Da Kratom, Red Vein Bali Kratom and Red Borneo Kratom are some of the best Kratom Strains for pain. If you’re suffering from chronic pain or even other physical and emotional pains, Kratom is perfect for you as it is a herbal substitute to a strong painkiller with harmful side effects. 

    If this is the first time and you are looking to make a choice for the best Kratom suitable for you, then Red Kratom is an excellent option as it has mild effects and can still relieve acute pain. It is always advised to do thorough research to make a fair choice for yourself. However, there are a variety of options of Kratom that lack the side effects of regular medicines and can still leave you feeling painless and better. With a little research, you can choose the right one that will suit your pain type in the best way.

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    Interesting Facts About OPMS Kratom Gold: Origin and Effects

    OPMS Gold

    Organically Purified Mitragyna Speciosa (OPMS) is an organically purified form of mitragyna speciosa. It is a specific brand available in the form of extract pills and distillates. Among the various forms of kratom, OPMS is known to be the best and is considered to be a top-selling variety.

    It is a clean product and uses a unique extraction method. Therefore, it is strong, potent, and highly concentrated. However, there have been speculations regarding the authenticity of the product.

    Understanding the Nature of Organically Purified Mitragyna Speciosa

    Without a doubt, OPMS belongs to the kratom family. This means that it is not harmful to one’s health, given the common benefits the kratom can give. The only problem is the unique value of the product because such has undergone a series of biological enhancements.

    A lot of people think that ‘organically purified’ associated with the name is nothing but another promotional strategy for the product. The truth is, many people use OPMS kratom gold for either recreational or medical purposes. Whatever the purpose is, it is no longer a secret that this item works and is purchased considerably in the market. The product is very popular among users of kratom.

    OPMS Gold: Know Its Forms, Benefits and Effects

    The most popular brand of kratom is the Organically Purified Mitragyna Speciosa Gold. The extract is considered as the strongest brand because it has an exclusive extraction method of alkaloids. It comes in two forms, capsule and liquid forms.

    The gold liquid is a potent product because it is concentrated with kratom and is sold as shots. The product are sold as an 8.8 ml bottle. They could purchase a box that contains approximately 45 bottles of concentrated kratom.

    #1 OPMS Gold Liquid: This form of kratom is considered to be the bestselling form of kratom product online. Some consumers buy the product because it is very strong and potent.

    If you take the product in large doses, you should consider buying it in bulk. It will save you a lot of money. It is not harmful at all, provided you are following the right dosage and use.

    #2 The OPMS Gold Capsule: When it comes to choosing between a capsule and liquid, a lot of people prefer a capsule for a wide range of reasons. First, the capsule is portable and can be stored anywhere. Second, the capsule works well for people who do not want to taste kratom.

    The capsule has a purple leaf color that serves as its emblem. Each capsule is powerful, so you need to be careful about your intake of the product. It is important to start with small dosages, especially if you are a beginner, and the recommended dosage is one gram or two capsules.

    You may increase the dose only when you already know what desired effects that you want to experience. However, each individual is different so take the product according to your personal needs and consumption. Keep in mind that less is always better because keen observation is a must in the beginning. In other words, taking a large dose of kratom gold will allow you to experience moderate effects.

    Benefits You Will Get From OPMS Gold

    There are many benefits associated with OPMS, including the ability to boost the user’s mental cognition. It enhances sedation and also helps in boosting energy depending on the amount you take. Even though there is substantial proof given on the natural ingredients of OPMS gold kratom, it is best for the consumers to limit its use first.

    The only reason for the popularity of OPMS Gold Kratom is because it is beneficial for the consumer’s health, whether or not you are taking it for medicinal or recreational purposes. You should always take it within limits, based on the recommended dosage by the manufacturers or sellers. However, it would be a smart idea if government authorities or any government agency will regulate the use of this kratom.

    Kratom strain, being agriculturally and innovatively engineered, gives you many benefits. All you need to do is to follow the recommended dosage and direction for use and buy from legit kratom suppliers, both online and local stores.