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Kratom Capsules Review: Everything you should know

kratom capsules everything you need to know

There’s no denying the fact that Kratom capsules quickly rose to be some of the most appreciated products in the Kratom market. Beginners find Kratom pills convenient, while casual users will often resort to them as a discreet alternative to the obvious bag of powder. 

If you are not keen on sharing your personal habits with your family or co-workers, Kratom tablets provide a fast, stress-free way to take your usual dosage.

Leaves, Powder, or Pills? 

There’s a good chance that you’re already overwhelmed by all the different ways to consume Kratom, particularly if you’re new to the plant and you’re trying to get your bearings. Trustworthy vendors with a reputation for quality will often sell powders, pills, and leaves of the same strain, leaving you with a tough choice to make. 

To help clarify things, it’s best to think of these as different processing techniques. Kratom powder, which comprises the bigger part of the global market, is a result of a long and often complex method of turning the leaves of Kratom plants into a product that is easy to transport and has a long shelf life. 

Consuming Raw and Dried Kratom Leaves

Native peoples of Southeast Asia initially consumed the leaves of this plant in their raw form. They did this for many generations and some continue to keep this tradition alive. Unfortunately, chewing raw leaves sees much of the beneficial alkaloids go to waste, as the process of mastication does not help you make the most of your product. 

Brewing Kratom tea is definitely a step forward in terms of ease of use, but the problem of wasting a good portion of the merchandise persists – ultimately, you’re going to throw the leaves, even if you’ve used them twice, maybe three times. Moreover, unless they’re still attached to a living plant, leaves are difficult to transport and keep fresh. More often than not, they’ll ferment, which will turn them into bentuangie (in the best-case scenario) and then render them unusable.

The Benefits of Kratom Powder

Grinding Kratom into a fine flour offers much more flexibility while reducing the waste to a bare minimum. The powder can easily be wrapped in airtight packing alongside silicate pouches to absorb any excess humidity. 

If this wasn’t enough, the fact that you can transport more product in less space usually seals the deal for those who have to buy all the way from Southeast Asia. 

The Advent of Kratom Pills

Theoretically, Kratom pills are the equivalent of powder, but portioned in increments of 0.7 (for 00 tablets) or 1-gram (for the triple-0 tablets). The problem is that, unlike raw powder, the quality of what’s inside Kratom capsules is harder to evaluate. 

The latter will often contain a mix of multiple strains and, in certain cases, even contaminants. To avoid buying non-descript Kratom tablets, you should only order from certified, online vendors.

The Best Place to Buy Kratom Capsules 

The reason why so many people advise against purchasing from headshops and suspicious-looking merchants is more complicated than bunk product. In fact, paying a premium price for a small quantity of not-really-Kratom should be the least of your concerns. While it is true that making the capsules can take some time, which, you can rest assured, is reflected in the end price, what goes in these pills is what matters the most. 

It is not uncommon for smoke shops to cut their powders with third-party substances in an effort to increase their profit margins and keep their customers loyal. What’s more, such vendors rarely test their batches to ensure the safety and purity of what they’re selling. Alongside much more expensive prices, this is the most pressing issue with finding the right place to buy your Kratom capsules.

How to Evaluate a Vendor That Sells Kratom Pills

We always recommend that buyers purchase their Kratom pills from online vendors with a solid record of their service. This does not include reviews published on their own website, since some of them might not even have the common sense to be honest and upfront about their testimonials.

Here are several rules of thumb you should follow when you choose your main Kratom tablets source:

  • Prices are often better online than in brick-and-mortar stores. Several brands might offer both possibilities for the same value.
  • Take a good look around the website itself. Are the terms of the purchase agreement clearly defined? Can you return the product? Are there any guarantees offered? Details matter.
  • Look for verified reviews on specialty forums. Then try to find other consumers that corroborate good/bad experiences with their own. You’d be surprised at the actual amount of shilling some of these vendors are willing to go through in order to improve peoples’ perception of their services.
  • Test a vendor’s customer service. Don’t be afraid to reach out via email or live chat and discuss your needs. See what they answer and whether they’re the type of people you’d trust to give you a genuine deal.

For those who are new to the plant and don’t know which Kratom tablets to start with, it might be worth trying some of the most appreciated strains.

Red Thai 

When you’re looking for something to boost your mood and relieve physical tension or pain, Red Thai might be the solution. Many casual consumers have used Red Thai Kratom capsules to replace NSAIDs and OTC painkillers with a natural product that has none of the side-effects or addiction that comes with today’s pharmaceuticals. Given its popularity, you won’t have any difficulty ordering as much of this strain as you need.

Green Borneo

For those who want a more balanced upshot, Green Borneo is a lasting pain reliever and mood enhancer. In small doses, you’re likely to experience some of this strain’s nootropic effects. If you know that you’re about to have a tough day at work or you’re about to push through an exam session, the right Borneo dosage will be as effective, not to mention much less harmful than caffeine.

White Horn

Albeit quite rare, White Horn Kratom is a delight for casual and expert consumers. If you’re looking to Kratom to help you come off caffeine-based stimulants, the potency of White Horn might just be what you need to make this difficult transition without great pain. For those who are not coffee enthusiasts, these Kratom tablets provide a considerable kick, thus making them an ideal way to start your day.

Yellow Indo

As is the case with White varieties, Yellow Indo is not that easy to come by. The special color is a result of a unique processing technique that involves just the right amount of fermentation and sun exposure. If you’re a beginner that’s wondering what this plant can offer you, Yellow Indo Kratom is a great starting choice. Stress-relief and increased amounts of energy are some of its most prominent effects.

Side Effects

Kratom capsules are not significantly different from powders. Unless you’re purchasing your merchandise from suspicious places, you should be able to enjoy the same benefits. Some capsules are made with gelatin, which is not suitable for vegans or vegetarians and may take longer to absorb.

Given their ease of use, one can easily take too much Kratom tablets. Although mild overdose is generally harmless, larger amounts will likely give you some trouble, as is the case with any natural products. Depending on how high your dose is, you can experience anything from stomach discomfort and mouth dryness to constipation and even nausea.

The majority of expert Kratom consumers agree on the fact that less is more when you’re looking for the right dosage. After a while, you may start to develop a tolerance to a particular strain and you’ll notice that it becomes less and less effective. In these cases, we advise you either switch to a different product or take a break from Kratom to allow your body to reset, so to speak.


There are numerous benefits to Kratom pills. Here are some of the most significant ones:

Neutral Taste. Even the most resilient of users end up having trouble with the old toss and wash method. At some point, the very unpleasantness of having to eat the disagreeable raw powder and wash it down with some fruit juice or other beverage becomes too much to bear.

Convenience. Kratom tablets don’t need anything but a sip of water. You don’t have to take your suspicious-looking bag with you, nor wait for the appropriate time to take your dose. 

Discreetness. We all have people that we’d rather keep our distance from, whether it’s our employers or some of the more sensitive relatives we were blessed with. Pills make it possible for you to take your usual Kratom dose without arousing any suspicion from people that might also be present.

Exact Dosage. This is yet another fantastic benefit. Even if you do have a kitchen scale, you probably don’t carry it around in your pocket, handbag, or backpack. With capsules, you know the exact amount you’re taking every time. No more guesstimating with various spoon-sizes that may or may not hold the amount you’re used to.

Whether you’re a fan of them or not, Kratom pellets are much easier to work with for the end consumer. Many people experiment with making their own caps, right at home. Others have gone as far as to mix their powder with a bit of honey and turn them into small, delicious treats. Cover them in chocolate and you have the perfect dessert for an intimate party with your close friends.

The Best Way to Consume Kratom

Although more difficult to make, Kratom capsules have quickly become a consumer favorite. They hold numerous benefits for users who either can’t bear the taste of pure Kratom powder or just can’t stand gulping it down every time. The price may be higher for pills, but what you gain in convenience and precision is often worth it.

If you can’t afford to lose that much value on your bulk Kratom purchases, there’s always the option to make Kratom tablets yourself. Pill assembly kits are incredibly affordable nowadays – you can get them online for anywhere between $15 and $30. In the long run, they’ll save significantly more than they cost.

Whether you purchase Kratom pills, leaves, or powder, you should always make sure to buy from trustworthy online vendors. Aside from a superior quality product, these merchants offer a level of safety that few (if any) smoke shops display in terms of testing and packaging their merchandise.